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Xavi: Lotor River Bird-Watching & Cultural Tours
An NCRC & Partners Community Based Ecotourism Project

xavi bird (©2003 NCRC Credit: Francis Provencal)

Xavi’s Unique Culture
Xavi is an Ewe village whose rich culture is deeply rooted in the traditional beliefs of the area, commonly referred to as “juju”. Traditional rites are performed every year at different seasons, and the fetish priest in the village is highly respected and consulted often. Several shrines in Xavi are worshipped, and many taboos are upheld concerning the river and fishing methods.


  • Take a short walk to the Lotor river, nestled in the coastal savannah which fringes the wetlands of the Avu Lagoon, where a guide will paddle you down the river in a canoe for guaranteed bird sightings from a unique viewpoint. Over 90 species of rare birds are evident, incluidng: the Pygmy Kingfisher, and Senegal Parrot, the Cinnamon Chested Bee-eater, the Yellow-Crowned Bishop, the Senegal Fire-Finch, the Splendid Sunbird, and the Senegal Coucal.
  • On the river, relax in a serene environment, observe local fishing practices, and view beautiful and diverse flora and wildlife – the famed green mamba can often be seen sunning in the trees on the banks.
  • Xavi’s has a grove of over 60 Baobab trees just west of the Lotor River. The Baobab, often called “the upside-down tree”, has a barrel-like trunk that can grow to 9 metres (30 feet) in diameter, and 15 metres in height. Locals eat the Baobab fruit, and tourists are encouraged to sample the unique taste.
  • Another important aspect of Xavi’s unique culture is Kinka drumming, which is widely practised and easy to observe when visiting.


  • Small foodstuffs are available in Xavi, such as fruits and biscuits. Restaurants and drinking bars are widespread in the Akatsi District.
  • The following hotels are available in the area: Viglin Lodge, Akatsi; Magava Hotel, Akatsi; Black Cat Hotel, Akatsi; Villa Cisneros, Sogakope; Volta View Hotel, Sogakope.


  • Xavi is approximately 12 km south of Akatsi in the Volta Region, only two hours east of Accra and 45 minutes west of Lome, Togo, on the Accra-Aflao Road.
  • If coming by public transport, simply join an Aflao car and alight at Akatsi main station. Walk a short distance further to Xavi taxi station, and join a car. Bikes are available for rental in Akatsi if you prefer a short ride to Xavi.
  • If you are travelling by private transport, watch out for the Xavi signboard designating the junction road just before reaching Akatsi main station.
For More Info Contact Akatsi District Assembly, P. O. Box 55, Akatsi, Volta Region Ghana Tourist Board, Ho, P. O. Box 568, Ho, Tel. 233-91-26560, Tel: 233-20-8163195, Ghana Tourist Board, Head Office, Tel: 233-21-244794, 222153, Email: [email protected]