Why Going for Private Jets is Worth Every Penny

If you believe that time is money, then surely, going for private jets is something that you would want to consider. You might think, why is there a need for private jets if there are commercial planes, anyway? The answer, of course, is not only monetary but also regarding time and energy spent on the trip.

When you hear of private jets, the first thing that comes to mind are billionaires, celebrities, and models jet-setting their way around the world. Many times, when it is a personal private jet, you see the owner’s photo plastered on them, so there is no mistaking as to who owns it. It is acceptable as to why the first thing that you have in mind when we speak of private jets is luxury. Compared with commercial planes, seats on private jets cost more, with amounts going to up to four times the price of first class seats on commercial airplanes.

But there is more to the price than meets the eye. In fact, even with this price difference, many people, who can afford it, would still want to go with a private jet over a commercial plane. You may think why some people prefer this considering the costs that you can save flying commercially. For some people, in fact, it is costlier to go with commercial planes compared with private jets because of many reasons.

Here are the reasons why going for private jets is worth every penny:

1. Going on private jets saves you time

Imagine, when you go on private jets, you don’t have to go through a long queue of check-in, baggage control, immigration, and final boarding. When you add all these up, it explains why many airlines ask you to arrive at least two hours before departure if you are flying domestically, and at least four hours before departure when flying internationally. It is because of the many checks that you have to go through before you get to your airline seat.

When you go on private jets, you can even arrive minutes before your intended departure (http://www.mbsfprivatejets.com/dallas/). You don’t need to elbow your way through the many checks because there aren’t many people around in minor airports anyway. Private jets use secondary airports, so if this is the case, you, in a way, get the airport all by yourself.

And then when you land on your destination, you don’t have to wait for hours to get out of the plane, through the immigration check, and to wait for your luggage at the baggage carousel. Again, these tasks all add up to at least an hour after the plane’s touchdown.

It is clear that going for private jets saves you a lot of time, from the moment you arrive at the airport, to the moment you leave the airport. You don’t have to come hours before your intended flight, and you don’t have to wait for hours, again, before you get out of the airport of your destination.

First class seats in Airbus 3802. Going on private jets gives you flexibility

When you are using commercial planes, you need to adjust your time based on the airline’s flight schedules. So, let’s say you need to arrive at your destination at 5:00 AM. If no commercial flights are available that can cater to this need, then you would have to come a day earlier so you can make it at 5:00 AM the next day. Arriving a day earlier means an extra hotel night and an extra day of eating out, which can cost to up to hundreds of dollars combined.

If you choose to go with private jets, you are given a range of possibilities for your flight schedule. You can leave any time you want, and you can choose which minor airport to use that is near your place. There are more minor airports than major ones, so you will have more to choose from if you select a minor airport.

To give you an idea, a seat from Dallas to New York on a first-class commercial flight can go to as much as $300 (or more, depending on the season). If you compare that price with a seat on a private jet, the flight can cost around $4,000 per person. Also, it can be more, depending on the season.

It is true that time is money. So, if you can save hours just by skipping the baggage control queue, the long line on the immigration, the time-consuming check-in, and the long wait at the baggage carousel, then you can do a lot more with your time.

These are some of the reasons why many people opt to go for private jets instead of going on commercial planes. If you have the budget for going on private jets, why not go with it! For sure, it is a decision you will not regret because of the time and energy you will able to channel on different areas of your life.