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Ayurvedic medicine employs holistic treatment methods

The Overwhelming Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is equated with the natural healing methods from India.  With a history that goes back to at least 5,000 years. A lot has been said about Ayurveda, with many people from all walks of life attesting to its effectivity. This healing tradition is very different from Western medicine because it treats ailments holistically. So, the symptoms are not only healed. But also, the causes of the problem. It can be challenging to treat the cause because it takes a long time to find it. And also, it can be challenging to manage it. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick-fix treatment, then you must not expect that for Ayurveda.

Ayurveda uses supplements, diet, lifestyle, and treatments to heal you. As much as your doctor must help you get better, you must also help yourself. There is a need for you to follow dietary and lifestyle instructions because failing to do so can undermine the effectivity of treatment. Therefore, you need to invest in the entire healing process, too. You cannot expect to have the best treatment without improving your dietary and lifestyle regimen. Same with acupuncture, where The YinOva Center is the best when it comes to traditional Chinese medical treatments.

Ayurvedic medicine employs holistic treatment methodsThis Indian healing tradition is aptly called the “science of life,” because, in essence, it truly is. It is said to effectively treat a wide range of ailments, including hormonal imbalances, spinal disorders, heart ailments, autoimmune diseases, endocrine disorders, and circulatory problems, among others. You may wonder and think it is “too good to be true,” but in reality, it works if you follow all dietary and lifestyle changes.

But first, put sugar out of your diet

To follow Ayurvedic guidelines is not easy, especially if you have depended on sugar for a long time. Sugar is one of the first things that you have to get rid of when you start with Ayurvedic treatments. It is because sugar disrupts the natural cycle of your system, especially your hormones. It can also produce an autoimmune response that your body may not be able to cope up with. Therefore, getting rid of sugar is your first step into finding liberation with your health.

It doesn’t stop with sugar, though. You also have to get rid of all foods that contain synthetics including pesticides, artificial coloring, and artificial flavoring. These add-ons only aim to enhance the visuals of the food. Regarding health, these do not bring you any good since they are not natural ingredients, to begin with. When you think about, there are so many foods that we buy off the shelves that are laden with synthetics, including “healthy” ones like fruits, vegetables, and grains. Many of these, if we are not careful with our choice, is infused with many preservatives to help them look right after all the shipment and storage that the food has gone through. So, if you want to follow Ayurvedic treatment, you must get rid of all sugars and synthetics in your diet.

The Benefits of Ayurveda

Once you have made a resolve to clean your diet, you can now add in supplements and treatment into your regimen. If you get to fix your diet and lifestyle, then supplements and treatments can all the more work to your benefit. It is a holistic tradition. So if you are missing one of the links, then you do not get to experience the full benefits of the treatment.

Ayurveda has many benefits, and it can be difficult to list them all here. But here are some of the most common health benefits that Ayurveda has long been known for:

1. Ayurveda strengthens your immune system

When your immune system’s health is at its peak, then you can fight against all kinds of illnesses, germs, and bacteria. A strong immune system is all we need if we want to achieve excellent health. Therefore, if you do everything you can to fortify your system, then you can withstand any illness that may come your way.

Ayurveda gets to strengthen your immune system because your body can get rid of toxins that may be harming your body. These toxins only cause detrimental effects to your health, and Ayurveda gets to help you detoxify your body from these elements. One of the most popular treatments includes abhyanga, where oils are massaged on your entire body to help you get rid of toxins.

Holistic synergizes mind body and spiritAbhyanga is not the simple massaging as many people know it. There are specific rhythms to the treatment, and only qualified specialists can do it. Just like with acupuncture, there are pressure points in the body that are connected to our systems. These points are hit during treatment, so you get to flush out toxins. Expect to sweat and pee a lot after treatment. It should also not surprise you if you tend to emit a foul smell after treatment, as this corresponds to the accumulated toxins in your body.

2. Ayurveda gives the body the balance it needs

Aside from strengthening your immune system, Ayurveda also helps in giving you the balance that you need. It is said that there are three doshas in the Universe: Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. If you have an imbalance, then you tend to have more of one dosha over another one. Ayurveda aims to balance the three, and it is said that if you have balance, you get rid of illnesses that have been bugging you. Because when you think about it, why would you have ailments if your body is balanced?

There is no question as to Ayurveda’s efficacy in strengthening our body. It offers a range of health benefits, so do not waste time and try what it has to offer.

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