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Tano Boase Sacred Grove
An NCRC & Partners Community-Based Ecotourism Project

tano boase

Tano Sacred Grove is nestled within a semi-deciduous forest and encloses a cluster of striking sandstone rock formations. It was one of the earliest Bono settlements. According to oral history, the Bono people emerged from a cave called Amowi hundreds of years ago and created the first centralized Akan state, originally known as the Bono-Manso kingdom, and later as the Techiman-Bono kingdom.

Taakora, the highest of the Akan Gods on earth, was found to dwell at the source of the Tano River in the grove, and it has been a place of sanctity and worship since. The Tano Shrine is kept in Tanoboase town, but is carried to the grove annually by a fetish priest. The grove is also the site of the annual Apoo festival, a time of spiritual cleansing in April or May.


  • Explore the striking natural beauty of the sacred grove, where hundreds of years ago villagers sought refuge in caves during tribal wars and slave raids. Discover ancient food preparation areas and etchings.
  • Hike along the nature trails and observe a variety of plant, tree, bird, and butterfly species. Lucky visitors may spot antelope, baboons, and monkeys. For hiking and optional moderate rock climbing, sturdy shoes, lightweight trousers, a hat, insect repellant and water are recommended.
  • Take an easy climb up the sandstone rocks to a panoramic overlook that was used during the Ashanti-Bono wars.
  • Join the friendly people of the village and immerse yourself in their daily life. Visit local farms, homes, and schools, and view food preparation, village industries, and gender roles. Or, hear traditional songs and stories.
  • Reasonably priced hotel and guesthouse accommodations are available in Techiman.
  • Clean drinking water and soft drinks, as well as snack food such as biscuits and bread, are available in Tanoboase.
  • A variety of traditional Ghanaian meals can be prepared for day or overnight visitors upon request.


Tano Sacred Grove is just outside Tanoboase on the Techiman-Tamale road.

  • Public Transport: From Techiman station in Kumasi, located near Kejetia, join a Techiman car (approximately 2 hours). From the last stop in Techiman, walk or take a taxi approx. 1km to Tamale station, and join a Tanoboase car. In Tanoboase, alight at the summer hut and inquire about your tour.
  • Private Car: Travel approximately 120km from Kumasi to Techiman on the Suame road. Continue straight through Techiman until you reach the Shell Station. Turn right at 15km to Tanoboase, where you will see the signboard “Tano Sacred Grove” near the summer hut. Alight at the summer hut and inquire about your tour.
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Ghana Tourist Board, Sunyani Tel/Fax: (233-61) 27108 Mobile: 020-8177132 Ghana Tourist Board, Head Office Tel: (233-21)222153 Email: [email protected]

Techiman Tourist Centre Tel: (233-20)-8160751