Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Located just 40 kilometers from Accra, the Shai Hills is a wildlife reserve that is home to species such as kob, bushbuck, oribi; baboon, various monkeys and a plethora of birds and reptiles. The reserve was the home of the Shai people up until 1892, when they were driven off the hills by the British Colonial government for refusing to pay poll tax.

As a result of the Shai culture, the reserve is a major archaeological site with excavations that have revealed large amounts of pottery, glass beads and bone fragments of large mammals such as elephant and buffalo. The hills are dotted with the remnants of defence walls, grinding stones and pottery shards.

There is also an interesting cave with a roost of Tomb Bats. The views from the top of the hills reveal the entire Accra Plains all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Just off the main Tema to Akosombo road, this reserve also offers an info centre at the southern gate, and a dormitory.

shai forest (©1998 Kathryn Buren)