Mole National Park
mole elephants (©1998 Kathryn Buren)

Mole National Park is Ghana’s premier wildlife reserve in the savanna ecosystem. It is the best location to see elephant, buffalo, warthog, kob, Roan, waterbuck, bushbuck, monkeys, crocodile and a wide variety of birds. Lion, leopard and hyena are also found in the park but are not easily seen. Mole is the one location where a visitor can be assured of viewing elephants up-close and personal.

The best activity at Mole is to take the foot safaris, guided by armed rangers, to view mammals and birds. The park is criss-crossed by a network of vehicle tracks but these are in very poor repair so a four-wheel drive vehicle is essential.

Mole National Park is only five kilometres from Laribanga which has a variety of alternative tourism options.