Getting Around

Air travel is reliable and relatively inexpensive from Accra to Kumasi, Sunyani, and Takoradi (Forest region), and Bolgatanga and Tamale (Savanna region) on domestic airlines operating four days a week.

Bus travel is generally safe and simple, however, avoid intercity bus travel at night, and buy tickets in advance. The State transport Company (STC) are the most reliable buses from Accra to: Kumasi, Koforidua, Sunyani, Cape Coast, and Takoradi (Forest); Ho, Hohoe, Aflao and Akosombo (Volta); Tamale, Bolgatanga, and Wa (Savanna).

STC buses leave the main station, except to Koforidua, which is from Tudu station. Ghana Private Road Transport Union, or GPRTU buses leave from Tudu and old Tema station in Accra to towns on the Forest and Volta circuits. STIF buses are also available to Cape Coast and Takoradi. Blue Bird buses are also reliable.

To get into or out of Ghana by bus, the 560 kilometre drive between Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire’s capital) and Accra takes about 10 hours over a decent road with rough portions on recommended State Transport Company (STC) buses or Trans Ecowas Express (TEE/STIF) buses. The trip between Lome (Togo’s capital) and Accra takes about 3 1/2 hours over a road with some rough portions in recommended TEE/STIF buses or fast taxis. The trip from Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso’s capital) takes about 24 hours on the weekly STC and TEE/STIF buses.

For shorter trips, use taxis, which range from car-taxis to minibuses (tro-tro). Tro-tros are crowded, not very comfortable, and rickety, but very inexpensive. Some car-taxis (“share taxis”) have set routes where passengers hop on and off, which is fairly inexpensive. Other car-taxis can be ‘chartered’ on your own for a single trip, by hour, or by day. Be sure to negotiate the charter cost beforehand and ensure fuel is included. Drivers sometimes add estra costs if details are not adaquately negotiated.

A ferry runs from Akosombo up the Volta Lake to Kete Krachi, Yeji, Buipe and Yapei, as long as the lake’s water level is good. Buy tickets from the Volta Lake Transport Company in Accra or Akosombo. The ride is beautiful and inexpensive, but very slow, so bring food and water for two or three days. Ferries also run across the Volta Delta to Ada and Anyanui.

Your Own Vehicle
To bring your own vehicle into Ghana you require an international drivers’ license, international vehicle registration, an international vehicle transit permit, and international insurance.