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Wassa Domama
Rock Shrine & River Cruise

An NCRC & Partners Community Based Ecotourism Project

Akwaaba – Welcome to the rich diversity of Domama, in the Western Region of Ghana. Its natural setting, village life, and local culture are all unique!


  • Near Domama, in a small sacred grove, is an awe-inspiring nature shrine known as “Bosom Kese” or great god. It is comprised of a mammoth rock monolith supported by three upright rocks, and reaches nearly three stories high. This giant rock formation is surrounded by a forest of high trees, gnarled ancient vines, and soft undergrowth.
  • After an eight-kilometre hike from Domama through forest and farmlands, you reach the village of Bonsie on the banks of the Pra River, one of Ghana’s longest and largest rivers. Here, you may indulge in native canoe rides on the Pra River, through tropical rainforest, calm waters, and rapids. While on board, you may glimpse birds or crocodiles, and you can do hook and line fishing upon request. The river tour is unavailable on Wednesdays, and during the rainy season due to fast rapids.
  • The people of Domama invite you to participate their daily life – to accompany farmers to their farms, participate in domestic chores, or worship with a village congregation.
  • A cultural troupe is available for evening performances.
  • The Domama Rock Shrine is open Monday-Sunday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00p.m. The trip, including both shrine and river tour, takes 5hrs. on foot and 3hrs. by car. The river tour is unavailable on Wednesdays.


  • A four-room Guest House owned by the community and managed by the local Tourism Committee is available for overnight stays. Electricity is not available, however you will be provided with a lantern.
  • Potable water is given and food is prepared upon request.
  • In addition, cold drinks can be purchased from a local drinking spot.


  • From Accra or Takoradi, take a bus to Cape Coast. Board a vehicle bound for Domama at Kotokoraba Station.
  • If you have a personal vehicle, turn off at Ataabadze junction on the Accra-Takoradi road.
  • You may also drive from Cape Coast towards Twifo Praso (i.e. on Kakum road) and branch off at Ankaako junction. Either way, you will not miss our directional signposts.
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  • Kakum National Park and Canopy Walkway
  • Hans Cottage Botel and Crocodile Restaurant
  • Ostrich Farm at Ewutu Mampong
  • Brenu and Ampenyi Beaches or Kosa Cultural Centre
  • Anomabo and Biriwa Beach Resorts
  • Cape Coast Castle and West Africa Historical Museum
  • Elmina Castle and Fort St. Jago

domama (©2003 NCRC - Credit: Francis Provencal)