Bia National Park

Bia National Park and Resource Reserve are linked wildlife protected areas in the moist semi-deciduous high forest zone, and are designated UNESCO/MAB International Biosphere Reserves. Over 640 plants and over 160 bird species have been observed here. This 305 sq. km area is an important conservation area for 10 forest primates, including chimpanzees, three species of colobus, potto, and galago. Leopard, civet, and genet cat have been reported, and this area is also important habitat for the forest elephant and forest buffalo, among other animals.

Bia is at the northern tip of the Western region, 350km from Takoradi. The main entrance is at New Debiso, about 25km from Asampanaye, and the park can be approached from Kumasi, through Bibiani to Sefwi-Wiawso, and on to Asampanye. For more information contact Ghana’s Wildlife Division in Accra.