Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary and Wli Waterfalls

The Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary is the home of the Wli Waterfalls – the highest in West Africa. Nestled in a range of dramatic hills marking the border between Togo and Ghana, the sanctuary is a scenic collection of ecosystems (moist semi-deciduous forest and savanna grassland). A hike through the sanctuary to the waterfalls leads you deeper and deeper into the forest, across the Agumatsa stream a total of nine times, past a resident colony of over 500,000 Straw-coloured Fruit Bats roosting on the cliffs and to an indigenous tree species reforestation nursery.

You can also visit a fetish shrine, have the opportunity to see over 300 butterfly species and 200 species of birds. The sanctuary is home to thousands of tree and plant species and numeruous mammal species including monkeys and baboons.

Agumatsa is very near a border crossing post which is located at the town of Wli-Agorviefe so it is possible to arrive or depart Ghana from Agumatsa. Agumatsa is close to other attractions including Liati Wote and the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary.

agumatsa bats (©1998 Kathryn Buren)