Ada Foah and the Volta Estuary

Ada Foah is a small cozy town located on the eastern shore of the Volta River Delta. The estuary provides a wonderful place for tourists to relax among coconut palms and white sandy beaches. The Estuary Beach Camp is a memorable camping destination for ecotourists, with meals on request, and simple huts with beds.

The Volta River enters the Atlantic Ocean at Ada Foah and the twelve islands of the estuary are picturesque locations for bird-watching, examining the local culture or just relaxing. Ada Foah is also an important nesting area for marine turtles during the months of November to March. The primary turtle species include: Leatherback, Green, and Olive Ridley.

An internationally recognised RAMSAR site is located at the nearby Songaw Lagoon which is an excellent location for birders. The 18 sq. km. brackish water body also serves as an important source of fish, crabs and salt for the local inhabitants.

ada foah trees (©1998 Kathryn Buren)