Aburi Botanical Gardens

The Aburi Botanical Gardens, built in 1890, are famous for their extensive landscaped gardens and spectacular views of the forest to the north and the Accra Plains to the south. The gardens consist of 10 lawns spread over 30 acres with more than 375 different species of plants.

The gardens also have an additional 100 acres of natural forest which is accessed with non-intrusive nature trails for visitor’s to view natural indigenous plant life. The gardens are an excellent location for bird and butterfly-watching, picnicing or simply enjoying nature.

Those looking for a challenge may want to rent mountain bikes in Aburi, and ride maintained trail circuits of varying length and difficulty winding through the hills and streets of Aburi.

Aburi is 25 kilometres from Accra and close to Shai Hills and Krobo Mountain on the Volta circuit.

aburi trees (©1998 Kathryn Buren)